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Thailand Pass Closed for Test & Go and Sandbox Applications

Yesterday, 21st December 2021, the Prime minister of Thailand announced the suspension of the Test and Go  and the Blue zone sandbox scheme starting 22nd December 2021.


New measures apply for all applicants on Thailand Pass, as follows; 

1. Applicants who have received their Thailand Pass QR Code can enter Thailand under the scheme they have registered.

2. Applicants who have registered, but have not received their QR Code must wait for their Thailand Pass to be considered / approved. Once approved, they can enter Thailand under the scheme they have registered.

3. New applicants will not be able to register for Test and Go and Sandbox measures (except Phuket Sandbox). Thailand Pass will only accept new applicants seeking to enter Thailand under Alternative Quarantine (AQ) or Phuket Sandbox only.

4. Passengers who will arrive in Thailand under Test and Go and Sandbox Programme must undergo their 2nd COVID-19 test using the RT-PCR technique (not ATK self-test) at government-designated facilities (no additional cost).





1)    This is NOT a closure of the borders. It is just a suspension of the Test & Go and the Blue Zone Sandbox (except for Phuket Sandbox) schemes.


2)    If your application has already been approved, you can arrive on the date that was approved on your application.

(For example, if you mentioned in your application that you are arriving on 18th January, then you still can use Test & Go when you arrive)


3)    It’s just that once it becomes the law, people arriving under Test & Go scheme will need to do 2 RT- PCR tests instead.  1st on arrival and 2nd on Day 7 (instead of the Self ATK test)


4)    This does not mean that there will not be Test & Go scheme in the future.  It is just temporarily suspended and will be re-evaluated sometime early January 2022.



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