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Travel as (Un) Usual

Being a travel agent, I never thought that I would ever have to preach and practice staying home and that is exactly what I had to do over the past two months ever since this pandemic forced the world to shut its doors.

  Pre-COVID, travel was mostly, if not always, a relatively seamless endeavor. There was always a way to get to your destination. However, Post-COVID the scenario is quite different. You are lucky if you are not stuck in a complete lockdown as many countries are, but even then getting from A to B comes with its complexities. If you do somehow manage to get to your destination, you may have to be quarantined for 14 days in a government facility or a hotel before you can see your loved ones. 

Travel companies around the world are fighting for survival.  With the entire world having come to a complete halt to help control the spread of this virus, it is quite certain that a very different travel industry will emerge from this crisis.

Restrictions of travel into or within a country, border checks, longer queues at airports, virus severity, airfares, social distancing, mandatory quarantine requirements will be some of the factors that travelers will consider before confirming their trip. However, one of the main factors that will shape the future of our travel industry is the length of time it takes for the world economy to recover. 

The majority of the countries are now focusing on bringing domestic travel back to life to support their local tourism infrastructure and also at the same time to protect themselves from potential second-wave outbreaks from international arrivals. 

Moving forward, I feel that our role as a travel advisor will definitely play a more important part than ever before as people will now be making more informed decisions. Important conditions such as cancellation policies, refund options, safety & hygiene, date change flexibility of hotel booking and air tickets,  which were earlier ignored for cheaper prices will now be seriously considered.  

I am sure that everyone has their favorite destinations they want to dash to once the world is back to the “new normal” whatever that may be and when you are ready to travel for work or just to de-stress, we will be here.


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